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Hand-fan history dates back to the Egyptian Empire. It used to be a huge object only used in ceremonies. Greek culture copied Egyptian hand-fans which were quite different from those that everybody knows nowadays.

The first folding hand-fan, such as the one that it is used nowadays, was invented by a Chinese person in the 7th century inspired by the bat wings. In Europe, hand-fans have been known since the 15th Century because of the trade routes to the Far East.

​In the 18th Century, “La Real Fábrica del Abanico” (The Royal Hand-fan Manufactory) was founded and Spain became one of the first hand-fan manufacturer in the world as well as Italians and Frenchs.

In the beginning, hand-fans were used by men and women and the only difference was that men's ones were smaller and pocket portable while women’s ones were the same size and shape as nowadays hand-fans. Nevertheless, it was used exclusively by women when the 20th century came.

Those women who used hand-fans became really skilful using them so that they invented a secret language which was related with moving the hand-fan or the way of taking it.